Wedding date is set!

Don’t blink as life just may pass you by. This is how I have been feeling this whole month of April. It still hits me that I am going to be a husband and soon, a father and I couldn’t be more excited. However, today I woke up with my head spinning. Text’s from my father about how I need to inform my other set of grandparents that I will be a daddy soon and info about the marriage. Yes, I know this father! Like I wasn’t going to tell them? Come on. That already put me in a bad mood

Writing out my frustrations

This week has already started out rough. When getting into work at Midnight, a co-worker called in due to being sick and it is now down to two of us. I hope the rest of the night goes slow because I did not get shit for sleep before work. On top of lacking sleep, I’m going through left over tickets from the weekend shifts and can’t understand how some tickets are left for those that come in on Monday. SO MANY simple tickets that could of been completed but weren’t due to someone not knowing how to do something.

Work Grind

TGIF. It’s a slow night at work and I’m happy it’s Friday. Going to be dropping some big news this weekend to my Dad and the girlfriends Mom. Will write back with more on that. The next few weeks are going to go by very fast. This month has been the most eventful month I have had in years. This…

Times are changing

Recent events in my life have dramatically changed my priorities and how I look at things. I have found out that I am going to be a father and I am filled with so many emotions. I am excited, scared and overwhelmed at the same time. Things are still unclear as we have yet to go and see the OBGYN. In meaning that we are not sure how far along my girl friend is and if we are ACTUALLY having a kid, ha ha. She had taken two pregnant tests which both came back as positive. She has also had morning sickness and her sense of smell and taste has definitely become stronger!

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering what this blog is about? Taylor’s life? Yes, it is a blog for me to write about events that are going on in my life and a way for myself and future son/daughter to see said events.